Mobile Headlight Restoration in Lexington

 Don't get caught in the dark with dull/faded headlights, allow us to come to your work or home and refinish your headlights on the spot! Our process normally takes 45-60 minutes to complete.

New headlights can be expensive!

Restoring your existing headlights is a fraction of the cost of buying and installing new headlights. Buying and installing OEM headlight lenses can be very expensive and time consuming. OEM headlight lenses on average cars, trucks and vans can cost several hundred dollars, on Luxury vehicles it can cost thousands.

Why Bluegrass Auto Spa?

Our methods will achieve a perfect headlight restoration that will last. The damaged poly-carbonate plastic lenses are never TRULY repaired until you sand down past the defective layer. Starting with sanding will ensure complete removal of the damaged poly-carbonate layer. Other methods might work temporally (TOOTH PASTE, CHROME POLISH) but with our steps you can be confident about achieving maximum results that will last. Also did I mention we protect your refinished lights with a top of the line sealant. The sealant provides a hard finish on the lenses that is superior to any wax for a long lasting clear headlight.  


Headlight Restoration in Lexington

Headlight repair in Lexington

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Headlight Polish in Lexington

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